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Happy New Year + 17 Things to NOT do in 2014

Happy, Happy, Happy New Year! I woke up extra early this morning with a sense of excitement, because I truly believe that 2014 is going to be an incredible year for all of us. This will be the year you are able to transform your goals into extreme realities…so get ready! In order to support [...]

Simple Explanation of Health Lost and Regained

Confession to My Son

Why I Didn’t Get Emotional and Cry Tears of Joy When You Were Born First off, you are so very deeply loved and you have changed me, for the better, more than any other life event. Hands down. Ever. But I didn’t get emotional and cry when you were born, like I thought I would. [...]

A Day in an Empty House

My wife and son are away visiting family in the Midwest.  It’s the first time we’ve been apart for more than a night since Cillian was born, and while great nights of undisturbed sleep have been cherished I find myself missing the comforts of family.  My boy’s first smile in the morning when I enter [...]

Haiti: Building, Treasure, Health

On our second day in Haiti we got to do something new to most of us called a treasure hunt, which is a unique experience. We started the morning by spending time in prayer for specific things and characteristics of people to pray for. Only Pastor James, the missionary, knew anything about the area where [...]

Beauty and Brokenness

The Radiant Church team arrived in Haiti on Saturday, June 8th with hungry bellies and full hearts. A close connection in Miami put lunch on hold as we departed for Port-au-Prince followed by quickly cramming in a van to begin what would be a 4 hour journey (but only about 120 miles and probably the [...]

The Next Adventure – Haiti

In less than a week I will be setting foot on the sands of Gelée Beach in Haiti (just outside Les Cayes) along with a team from Radiant Church.  Although I have worked to be prepared, I truly do not know what to expect.  This is my first time outside of the United States for [...]

What Are You Waiting For?

Everyday I see people at a crossroads of change.  It looks different for everyone (big life decisions, health, letting go of the past), but I’ve observed that there are people who consistently navigate change very well and those that stagnate on a regular basis.  The funny thing is that they all are desiring a better [...]

Mobility in a Sedentary World

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “use it or lose it.” When it comes to our physical health it is amazing how true this simple platitude is. Sitting has become the dominant posture in the workforce and an increasingly common posture in entertainment and relaxation at the same time chronic pain and disease are on [...]

Today is a Gift

One of my favorite sentences I have written.  I know it’s a variation on a common theme, but it strikes me with each read. If I had 1000 sentences like this, I’d have a book.