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Happy Thanksgiving!

I wanted to wish you all a very happy Thanksgiving this year. Amidst all the turmoil, we have a lot to be thankful for, and it is always good to take time and count your blessings.

As I was taking inventory of life this morning, I realized how thankful I am to be serving the community doing what I love. It is because of all our practice members that I am able to live my dream. So I want to send out a big thank you to everyone who is supporting our mission of a healthy community that is not dependent on drugs and surgery.  (more…)

Studies on Chiropractic and Depression


1.) Study of 2,818 patients found chiropractic care significantly improved patients’ well being: Seventy-six percent of the patients studied reported improved combined wellness changes in all categories assessed, emotional well being improved 26 percent, negative feelings toward self improved 23 percent, depression improved 20 percent, difficulty sleeping improved 11 percent and family relations improved 21 percent.   (more…)