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At each moment, you are either moving towards health & wellness and away from sickness and disease, or you are moving towards sickness & disease and away from health and wellness.  If your determination is that you are moving the wrong way, then let this be a wake up call for you.  

The things that are killing most people are preventable lifestyle diseases!  Heart disease, Cancer, Diabetes.  The fourth largest killer is the solution for those problems: drugs and surgery (see Journal of the American Medical Association)!   We are doing something wrong, we need to refresh our thinking.  Health is and has always been a personal responsibility.  That is why insurance companies do not pay for health, they pay for symptoms.  Does your insurance company pay to change the oil in your car?  Get it aligned?  Put a roof on your house?  No, because that is your responsibility. 

Insurance pays for accidents, and once the symptom is gone, then it is your job to create health.  You need insurance for accidents, but don’t expect it to keep you healthy.  Unlike a car or a house, you only get one body, one nervous system.  This is about asking the right questions: What does it take for a body to be healthy?  How can I shift my body towards better health/balance?  Are you the right person to take care of my family and I?

The way to insure your health is to stay active, get adjusted, eat right, guard your mind, spend time with God.  This insurance pays dividends of increased energy, increased immune system, increased metabolism, increased peace.  Well worth the investment because it enriches your life, not managing your disease and symptoms.  The biggest lie we have is a Sick care system that calls itself Health care.  When you give sick care to a nation and call it health care, you end up with a sick society and a healthcare crisis.  Sound familiar?  It places the cause of your health outside of you, and as we all know deep down, the cause of most of our problems can be found in the mirror.

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I'm a writer and doctor in lifelong pursuit of health, happiness, and adventure. I currently live in Raleigh, NC with the love of my life and our amazing boys.

  • Thank you for this post. I didn’t realize the official 4th cause of death is the “solution” to the other 3 causes, although I’m not surprised. I think the best thing holistic health practitioners like us can do for our clients is teach them that their health lies in their own hands. We can help them become healthy, but the bottom line is, if they don’t choose to take matters into their own hands and live a lifestyle of health, they are likely to get sick again down the road. Its all about taking responsibility for our own health. That has to included divorcing ourselves from our marriage to medicine. This is not a marriage made in heaven. It is a marriage made solely for the profits of the medical establishment. Why do we put our health in the hands of the very same people who have the shortest life expectancy of all professions? Does this not defy logic completely?

    • Exactly Carole. The message of health is a message of personal responsibility. Practitioners can show you the way, but how you live your life determines how well you life is lived. I think medicine, by convenience and marketing, took away the American peoples’ common sense. People used to do physical work, eat farm raised food, have less daily stress from always being on the go. We’ve gotten so busy, yet so lazy…so smart, yet so ignorant…and so quick to blame rather than look inside for the answers. Thanks for taking time to post, great to hear from you.

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