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Chiropractic described by a patient.

Chiropractic accurately described by long-term patient, Bill Esteb (owner,

Patients (and insurance carriers) see chiropractors as spine doctors. Both look through the allopathic (medical) lens of symptom treating, seeing the body as a collection of parts that breakdown independently of the others and that being symptom-free is the objective. 

Conversely, chiropractors who practice in a way congruent with the principles of chiropractic see themselves as facilitators, guides and allies. Their holistic view of the body helps them appreciate that each of us is greater than the sum of our parts. Each of us is an experiment of one and that the objective of care is to help patients adapt to their environment and express their fullest potential.” — Bill Esteb. 

Since everything in your body can affect everything in your body, people must be viewed as individuals instead of symptoms. I have spent my life studying health, and I can apply the principles of health to anyone and help them actually live out health and wellness. The medical industry studies sickness and disease, and treat sickness and disease. The important distinction is that the principles of sickness cannot be used to make someone experience health. When you give sick care to a nation and call it health care, you end up with a sick society and a health care crisis.

If you’re looking to begin your wellness journey and discover how full life was meant to be, I am here to help.  

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