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Purpose, Vision, and Mission of Our Office

To be happy, healthy, and vibrant. To be an example to others who ALL deserve the same.

To engage, educate, and encourage all people in our community about living subluxation free through a chiropractic wellness lifestyle.  To help them have the body and health they deserve.

To have our community be the healthiest and happiest in America, by using chiropractic wellness care beginning at birth.  Encouraging and practicing self-responsibility to stay active, properly nourished, and drug free.

In Health,


In the Footsteps of Greatness

I have been spending the weekend at the Grove Park Inn, where B.J. Palmer, the developer of our great chiropractic profession would stay and work on philosophy. His picture is hanging up in the hall next to Presidents, where they honor him as “the father of chiropractic,” (though erroneous, I was still very excited to see him up on the wall).

It is easy to see why he chose this place, it drips of inspiration with an amazing view of the Smoky Mountains. You can really shut out the world here and be still, an art that is all but lost in my generation. Being here in his temporal footsteps is not only motivating, but challenging. Can I contribute a fraction of what he did? Will I leave chiropractic better than when I entered it? My heart declares a resounding yes, and I know it can be done as long as I stay true to the purpose and vision for the second century of chiropractic.   (more…)

Do You want a Healer or a Dealer?

Health care is such a burning topic right now, and with all the press and dinner conversations going on about it, what is missing from the dialogue is health.  If you’ve been following my blog for any time at all, you have heard me talk about Health Care & Sick Care.  What we have in America is Sick Care, in fact you can see it all around you…we have more medicine, more surgery, more hospitals and we are sicker than ever before!  Our current system does not address health, it focus on ameliorating symptoms so we can continue our hectic lifestyles uninterrupted….then we are surprised when our health fails!  Health is proactive, I believe health to be the byproduct of making positive lifestyle decisions repeatedly over time.   (more…)

How Does One Experience Wellness in Today’s Environment?

We will begin by addressing Stress, which is at the root of most health problems. Stress has 3 dimensions, but interestingly enough they each affect your body in the same way.

1.Physical Stress – Car accident, repetitive injury, poor posture, exercise
2.Biochemical Stress – what you eat, what you drink, pollutants, skin products
3.Psychological Stress – the emotional aspect – work, home, financial (this is how you can “think yourself sick.”)   (more…)