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Healthy Eating is now being called a mental disorder!

I’m speechless…

Choosing healthy foods now called a mental disorder

This is how sick and twisted things are becoming.  It’s called “Healthy Eating Disorder,” and it states that people are nervous about proper eating and making wise choices, and in eating well, they become malnourished.  They would rather you fill yourself up with chemicals, put no thought into what you are doing, and continue buying all the crap that is out there for you to consume. 

If you read this and really think about it, there is absolutely no logic whatsoever.  According to these experts, avoiding chemicals, dairy, and sugar makes you a mental health patient!  If you avoid genetically modified foods, growth hormones, and pesticides, then they say there is something wrong with you!

Wake up everyone, I implore you to think for yourself before listening to all this garbage.  Our country is more sick now then it has ever been, and it appears some would like to keep it that way.

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In Health,

Dr. Cole

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  • yeah i agree with you doc..
    why just we stop worrying too much with what we eat..
    and enjoy everything..
    great share doc..