The Adventure

Live Your Story, Explore Your World


Everyone seems to be searching for an “authentic” experience, in fact, Generation Y is all about authenticity.  A chance for something to happen to them, for a story to be made, for a pivotal moment that shifts their paradigm.  We as humans are happiest when we are living congruently and consciously, though this is an uncommon state.  There is a great disconnect happening within people that is keeping them from having an enjoyable, authentic, passionate life.  This disconnect is caused by societal pressures, stress, and subluxations that overwhelm your body into a state of defensive adaptation where it survives on a sub-conscious level.

Living consciously is bringing awareness to everything in your life (actions, values, purposes, goals) and being fully present in each moment.  It requires you to create a purpose by intelligent design, and to pursue it regardless of pleasure or pain.  This is where the authentic experience occurs.