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Can you fix it?

This has to be one of the top 10 questions that all doctors hear on a daily basis.  It is actually a troubling question to answer, because if the doctor says “yes,” then the patient is not empowered to change their health, and responsibility moves from the patient to the doctor.  Keep in mind that this problem may have taken years to develop, and the doctor is expected to provide a “fix” rather quickly.  Of course the doctor wants to say “yes,” but to do so would rob the patient of the key to change their health, and would create an unhealthy co-dependent relationship between the patient (broken) and the doctor (fixer).

But what if the doctor says “no?”  The relationship would never begin since the doctor isn’t addressing the patients concerns!  How could the doctor be of any service?  What is the alternative?

I can help you.”  In my office this means telling a story, a story about how God created your body to be self-healing, that the nervous system controls everything in your body, and that interference to that nervous system interferes with your body’s ability to heal on its own.  These interferences come from lifestyle stress and affect the alignment of your body.  The doctor’s responsibility then is to remove the interference and educate (doctor is latin for teacher) the patient about their body so they can make choices to reduce lifestyle stress.  The doctor and patient become partners, and the patient is empowered to create health rather than live with disease.

This is my vision for the future of health care.  It is not about fixing, it is about changing lives through education and empowerment.  It is about listening.  It is about helping.  We are all in this together, let us live to our best.

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Dr. Cole

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