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How do we determine which way to go in our lives?  There is an innate understanding of a ‘master plan,’ but too often we feel unplugged, unaware of our place in it. Without discovery or pursuit of our role, our “destiny,” we tend to inflate ourselves up to feel bigger than we are – to try to feel important and meaningful in some way.  It is trying to fill a void by becoming narcissistic.

Plan and Perspective

I think that in discovering our place in God’s plan, we become humbled by how small we really are.  Thankfully, that liberates us from lying to ourselves through self-aggrandizing, and changes our perspective away from our conception of time [to eternity].

For me, having an eternity perspective is really what allowed me to determine what was important in my life.  Once you are armed with that knowledge, a humble and purposeful man can then create humble, purposeful ripples of change that lead to monumental effects, even if not in his lifetime.

What I’ve learned about life

Life is inherently simple and beautifully complex at the same time. I think it is this dichotomy that makes simple things hard to accept at face value, when in reality true simplicity is only achieved after having a thorough understanding of the complex nature of things.  This is why the internet hasn’t made us all experts of everything, the information is out there, but it neglects the systematic process of acquiring knowledge to achieve mastery (aka – practice).

It again is humbling once one realizes how much is unknown. The unknown, which is purposeful, creates opportunity for faith and hope. The mystery of it all keeps us going, keeps us inspired, and keeps us searching for discovery and purpose.

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About Cole Bradburn

I'm a writer and doctor in lifelong pursuit of health, happiness, and adventure. I currently live in Raleigh, NC with the love of my life and our amazing boys.