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U.S. Maternal Health Care Crisis {infographic}

A couple weeks ago I wrote a post on why we chose to use a midwife for our firstborn.  One of the reasons I highlighted was the astronomically high maternal death rate in the U.S (it is double that of Canada and Western Europe).  Since hitting publish on that post, I came across this infographic from Amnesty International—who is spearheading this cause—and wanted to share it with you.

Shocking Maternal Death Rate in the U.S.


Please help spread the word.  Our mothers deserve better, and our children need their mom’s.  All comments and discussion welcome, add to the conversation below.


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  • Wow, really frustrating to see this, but thanks for the share…valuable information for others to see.

  • Lisa Fuqua

    Cole, it is  frustrating.  Honestly because of the high risks of birthing complications I have had with my children having had Hyperemisis Gravidium for both pregnancies meaning I was unable to keep down food or water the entire time I was pregnant.  Both times I was not given a remote bit of help for this illness more than vitamin shots.  Even with a lack of helpfulness I still would have been around people trained to try to save my life if my body in it’s less fed state were not able to withstand childbirth.

    • Wow, it is saddening to hear that you had such an unresponsive Birth Team.  I trust you and your family are doing well now? 

  • Christina

    Not only lack of access to care, but also the overall general health that the U.S. is in. It’s also a shame that women’s healthcare is so blatantly disregarded by politicians. Once being compared to farm animals who carry their stillborn fetuses to term, should we begin referencing what they do to male farm animals? Mountain oysters, anyone?

    • Haha, well said!

      It is no laughing matter how we treat our patients, but especially women, in this country.  When you give a culture “sick care” and call it “health care,”  you end up with a sick society and a healthcare crisis.  

      The U.S. is unhealthier than ever, and spending more money than ever.  It has to stop if we are to flourish.