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Courage – Part Deux

Courage Part 2

I’ve been reading a lot about courage lately and I’ve been surprised at how many throughout history have placed it as the foundational quality (see part one here) on which to build.  People with courage live compelling stories that leave a legacy, which is what this site is all about – living your story and exploring your world.

As Christians we are called to be bold, to be courageous, to be “salt and light” in an apathetic world.

… sounds kind of crazy.  But crazy good, right?

I challenge you to boldy go.  Be adventurous.  Be crazy (and get a toast from Steve Jobs).

What does courage mean to you?  What can you do to be courageous today?  Leave your thoughts below.


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  • Courage is trusting God. 

    Sometimes this may mean saying nothing at all in given circumstances–being courageous that God is big enough to handle it and we don’t need to ‘teach someone a lesson.’

    While at other times courage means speaking up… with humility blended with confidence. 

    I think we’re often drawn to courageous people because we admire and respect their seeming fearlessness. 

    • Well said Andrew.  Situations call for different kinds of courage, but the most courageous thing you can do is trust (and be obedient) to God.  

  • Courage is stepping out in faith. I can do something courageous by simply stepping out in faith and trusting God. Not relying on myself, but trusting God. 

  • Courage to me is being willing to step out of your comfort zone. To move toward something with boldness and faith that it would work out. Great post. 

    • Thanks Dan, and a wonderful definition of courage.  Thanks for sharing.

      •  Your welcome. Keep writing great content my friend.