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The Best Dad… Really.

This is a guest post from my wife Casey, whose sweet side is rarely made public.  As a tribute to father’s day, she asked me to publish this letter she wrote for our soon-to-arrive son.  It’s pretty awesome.  Here goes.


I wanted to let you know some reasons why Christopher Cole Bradburn is going to be the best father ever. And he’s going to be yours, you lucky little guy.

  • The Best DadHe will take you on many adventures-outdoors, sports, traveling, Etc. You two can run off and save the princess and have an amazing time learning and enjoying each other in the process.
  • He helped me pick out and raise Dublin dog, who will more than likely not only be your big brother but also one of your best friends. Dublin will show you what true unabashed loyalty and love is and he will never stop being excited to see you. Your daddy is a big reason why Dubs is so awesome so try and thank him if you think about it ;-).
  • He is a brainiac. He is so knowledgeable about so many different varied subjects that he will be able to teach you about the whole world and everything that it’s made up of. (Just make sure you ask him about equal parts arts and sciences).
  • He is going to teach you about Jesus and his life, sacrifice, love, and grace. Not only will he teach you this but he will show you this through himself also.
  • He is passionate and caring- more so than any other man I’ve ever met. Learn this from him-it will take you far in Life even if it sometimes feels like a burden.
  • He makes me smile so I know he’ll make you smile too. It seems like a pretty simple thing but it’s one of those little things that is easily understated and that I probably don’t tell him enough how much I smile when he’s not around just by thinking about him (and the fact that we created you).
  • He loves me more than I ever thought possible and after more than a decade together it’s more apparent now than ever. You will be part me and part him so I can only imagine the love he will have for you, my son.

Until we meet-


About Casey Bradburn

  • Sounds like your son is going to be one lucky little dude.