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Uncle Ernie

Today I have the good fortune of having a post featured at Jeremy Statton’s blog as a part of the Secretly Incredible series.  It is a poem that I wrote as a tribute to my Uncle Ernest Battershell.  He was a great, quiet man who influenced those around him by his life and actions.  I wish you could have met him.  Click through after the excerpt for the poem.


My Uncle Ernie was that rare man who spent a lifetime in hard, manual work and finished strong.  I would spend much of my summers at his house when I was young, learning to ride a horse, how to play checkers, and how to overcome challenges.

He was a self-sufficient farmer whose life taught me patience, devotion, discipline, kindness, and rest.  I do not recall talking about these things, but observing them by his actions.  I never heard him speak in anger, in fact he had few words, but those he chose to speak carried great weight and wisdom.  I wouldn’t come to understand that wisdom until years after his passing.

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  • Sounds like an incredible role model. I feel as though I got to know him through this post. Great poetry, Cole!

    • Thank you very much Todd.  I feel very fortunate to have had a few people like this in my life.  He was the first.