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Wrecked – An Interview with Jeff Goins

I want to begin by saying that Wrecked is a gift.  An invitation to a better, more purposeful life.  As I was turning the pages I could envision my journey to where God has brought me, and was compelled to commit and endure more than ever.

For our generation and the one coming after us, I think Jeff has done a rare thing – put out the right book for the right time.



Never a passing moment too soon

saving me from rationality.

Escape my head, tear out my heart

for it hurts too much to beat.

Beat me to death if I would let it…

But where do I hide

with no sanctuary of the mind preserved?

In the early hours before daybreak

I am left trembling in the shadows.

Show me the way, for I will follow you…


Life’s Waiting to Begin

I wrote this while laying in bed sometime around 3:00am staring at my 3 day old boy.  He amazes me, and is giving me a better understanding of God’s love for us.

It’s overwhelming.

After the poem are pictures and the story.