The Adventure

Live Your Story, Explore Your World


If you live up to their expectations

will it make you happy?

If you find your hopes and dreams

will it make them happy?

Are they your dreams, or their hopes?

Lost between obligation and aspiration,
adapting to each situation
diluting your intentions with others ambitions;
a marionette operating under societal instruction.

A tug on the strings pulls on your heart.

Stepping away against your will…

Acceptance versus desire,

Which will you follow?
With which do you lead?

Are You Getting Proper Nutrients From Your Vitamins?

There is a lot of misleading information out there on what vitamins are best for you.  If you take vitamins or supplements I’d even bet if you’ve been subjected to other’s opinions on what is best for you, or why what they take is superior.  Today I’m going to strip away the hype and start from the foundational paradigms on which vitamins are made.  We’ll begin by looking at the two different philosophies – synthetic and whole food.


Why Do I Need Vitamins or Supplements?

Here’s something I learned after a decade of working in the health and wellness field – trying to change a person’s mind about nutrition is hard.  Many of our nutritional beliefs are passed down from our parents, and while proper eating principles are timeless, our food supply has changed and we must adapt.  For the purposes of this post, nutrition = what one eats, what they don’t eat, and what vitamins they take (if any). 


Your Playground


An undiscovered world

awaits your big blue eyes.

It’s beautiful,


and at times terrifying.

This crazy place is now your home,

your playground.

It’s vast, yet can feel small.

Open, but can be suffocating.

It’s yours to shape.

To mold like clay and create anew,

rediscovering and redesigning as you grow.

That’s the challenge of life here,

to keep seeing through fresh eyes and

not become numb to the beauty and need all around you.

They are everywhere, if you are willing to look.

I’ll guide you if you can show me.


We All Live In The Same World; How Can It Be So Different?

This was written by my wife, Casey.  It’s about a life changing experience she had while on a mission trip to El Salvador.  I’m encouraging her to share her writing more, as she is a wonderful storyteller.  I hope this inspires you as it has me.  – Cole


When I was seventeen I went to El Salvador with my church youth group.  I really didn’t go for any of the right reasons at all.  I didn’t go down there because I had this huge urge to help people; I thought that would be an added bonus.  The main reason I went down there was for me.  I thought it would be nice to have a vacation…to go to another country…to hang out with a couple of my friends who were going down there with me, etc.


Have You Been Wrecked?

Wrecked is one of those books that can change you, if you let it.  I’d go as far as say it’s a must read.


The message within it’s pages is quite literally the opposite of the way our culture lives.  As the book starts making you uncomfortable, you begin to understand why – it is speaking directly to the heart of humanity: