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Becoming Dad

Changing with my Son

Growing with my Son

A child changes a man.

Making him older and younger all at once.

It reminds him of his heritage and legacy

while rediscovering play and his inner child.

It’a a unique time, to grow in both directions.

A time to be savored, cherished, loved.


A child shifts a man’s perspective

From changing the world to raising a family.

It puts what is truly important into focus

Maybe for the first time…

And every time you see a smile, a look of wonder.

It’s wonderful.

A child completes a man

It makes him whole by

Uniting his life across time.

The boy with the man,

The adventurer with the provider,

The magical with reason.

A child makes him a Dad.



Taking Your Hand

cole and caseyI remember our first night like it was yesterday.
In that moment I saw you for the first time,
Beautiful. Free. Magnetic,
I was drawn to you, more than I knew.
Taking your hand, our journey began
Making the world feel brand new.

I remember our first day as husband and wife.
I saw you in all your glory,
Excited. Whole. Electric,
As we bound ourselves together, forever.
Taking your hand, our lives began
Making each day feel brand new.



Midwestern Sky

starlit sky covering
all that is gray
shrouding this blandness
with your deception
creating the mysterious
out of the ordinary
offering hope that more
is hiding out there
…just out of sight and out of reach

this elusive fantasy remains
real until it is seen
and is then lost forever
it’s mythology cut
apart with truth
exposed for what it is
…false hopes and dreams

Biomechanical Work: Concentric, Eccentric and Isometric Contractions

Today’s post is from my friend Jim Lien.  He writes over at Jim’s Primal Suit, and is the developer/programmer behind Is It Paleo and Carbhacker.  You can follow him on twitter here.

An app to calculate carb calorie offsets with squats

An app to calculate carb calorie offsets with squats

This post helps to clarify some of the physics and math put into a new app I developed called CarbHacker, which is a carb calorie burning estimator.  It may seem like a little bit of hocus pocus, but there is a good amount of math and logic backing the app.  Plus it doesn’t hurt that some fitness gurus like Tim Ferriss and Mark Sisson have covered the topic similarly, although without the math behind it.  This post covers just one part of the app’s assumptions regarding work and muscular contraction.