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Mobility in a Sedentary World

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “use it or lose it.” When it comes to our physical health it is amazing how true this simple platitude is. Sitting has become the dominant posture in the workforce and an increasingly common posture in entertainment and relaxation at the same time chronic pain and disease are on the rise. Recent studies have even shown that as you spend more time sitting, you’ll spend less time on this Earth (regardless of exercise).  More on that herehere, and here.

Causation? No.

Correlation? Yes.

Why Motion is Crucial

When you look at the human body, you can see that it is expertly designed for motion. Motion is nutrition not only for your joints, but for your brain (through the firing of proprioceptor afferents). Motion changes your internal brain and body chemistry, aiding in the healing process.

Image Credit: Red Sky Photography

Image Credit: Red Sky Photography

Think about it… motion is life.

A heartbeat.

Drawing a breath.

Holding a hand.

Digesting a great meal.

All involve movement in order for you to express life. Why would the rest of your body be any different? Our lives are linked to our ability to move, right down to the cellular level.

So it makes sense that global body movement affects even your individual cells, making them healthier.

It makes sense that motion affects your brain, making you smarter.

It makes sense that motion helps you begin to heal yourself.

Even if you haven’t been moving regularly for years, start today. It’s not too late as your body will strive to do the best it can with what you give it. Give it good things and it will improve. Health will return – it’s our natural state.

And then don’t stop moving. Remember what it means to be alive. Chase after it with all you have.

Then, as Spock would say, you will live long and prosper.

What can you do?

Start by walking (get a dog or make a playlist if you need to)
Switch to a standing desk (or go pro with a treadmill desk) for work and gaming.
Bodyweight strength training
Begin working on proper posture
Breathe deeply with your belly
Consult with a chiropractor
Take up a sport

Find what works for you and share below so we can all move forward together.


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