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Happy New Year + 17 Things to NOT do in 2015

Happy, Happy, Happy New Year!

I woke up extra early this morning with a sense of excitement, because I truly believe that 2014 is going to be an incredible year for all of us.

This will be the year you are able to transform your goals into extreme realities…so get ready!

In order to support you as you embark into 2014, I have an idea that will help keep you focused and on track.

Just so you know, there was an article in Forbes magazine (check it out) from January 1st, 2013, which stated only 8% of people achieve their resolutions each year. This is a rather alarming figure, because all of us enter the year with the right intent, but somehow lose momentum, forget what we are looking to achieve, and eventually give up.


I have an idea, and I believe this is exactly what you need to learn in order to be part of the 8%. I call this the STOP DOING LIST.

These are time drains, diversions, and distractions that take you off track and leave you feeling unfulfilled.

I have assembled a list of 17 things to NOT do in 2014, and I am confident this is exactly what will support your extreme growth this year.

  1. Putting things off: The best time to get something done was yesterday and the second best time is RIGHT NOW!
  2. Sitting all day: Life = Motion and it is time to get out of from behind your desk, get off your couch, and begin to move around.
  3. Eating less than 3 hours prior to bed: Please don’t go to bed full, the negative side effects are substantial.
  4. Texting while driving: What could be that important to put your life and the lives of others at risk?
  5. Missing appointments: If you set an appointment for anything, make sure to follow through.
  6. Watching more than 30 minutes of TV each day: I would prefer that you get rid of this habit all together, but at least minimize this time drain in 2014.
  7. Drinking anything but water: Most drinks are filled with unnecessary calories, vast amounts of sugar, chemicals, etc., so I encourage you to stick with water this year.
  8. Negative thinking: Whether you think you can or you think you can’t is probably true. So believe in yourself!
  9. Saying YES to everything: Be selective with how you spend your time, because this is the only finite resource on the planet.
  10. Giving up: When the going gets tough, it is time to GET GOING. Push yourself to stay the course, even when it seems as though everything is trying to pull you off track.
  11. Hanging out with unmotivated people: You become who you spend the most amount of time with, so please choose wisely.
  12. Hitting snooze: You should put your alarm (or phone) in a place where you need to get out of bed in the morning and then do not give yourself the permission to snooze.
  13. Sweating the small stuff: Remember, what seems like the biggest problem “ever” in the moment, will become a speck of dust when you look back at this experience.
  14. Be unorganized: How you do one thing is how you do everything, so focus on being organized in all areas of your life.
  15. Cancelling date night: If you have a regular date night planned with a significant other, treat this as the most important item on your schedule.
  16. Wasting time and energy doing what you are not good at: Focus all of your energy on your strengths, and then delegate whenever it is possible.
  17. Watching the news constantly: There is really nothing positive that can come from 24/7 news. If you have a burning desire to know what is going on in the world, check out one of the news websites and read the headlines.

I am sure you can think of at least 50 other things to “STOP DOING” in 2014, but I thought this would be a good way to bring in the New Year so that 2014 is truly your best year yet.

I am honored to have you in my world, and I am excited about what will become possible over the next 365 days.

Continue to believe in yourself and get ready for the adventure to begin!

Once again, HAPPY NEW YEAR!


About Cole Bradburn

I'm a writer and doctor in lifelong pursuit of health, happiness, and adventure. I currently live in Raleigh, NC with the love of my life and our amazing boys.

  • Paul

    Great article!!! I’m concentrating on #14 this year the most.

    • Thanks Paul. #14 has been huge for me, really worked on it throughout Q4 2013 and carrying that momentum into this year.