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poetry from a father to his son




Songs for Having a Son – The Definitive Playlist

It’s no secret we are having a boy.  It has been an awesome pregnancy so far, and one of the things we wanted to do before our progeny enters the world was have a song to remember this time – just like how couples have their “song” that stirs feelings/memories/love.

While there are many pregnancy songs out there, when I narrowed it down to boy specific I found very little to go on.  Undeterred, I pressed on.  After hours of digging, I came up with a baker’s dozen songs to choose from that were meaningful and fit our musical taste.


The Waiting Place

**UPDATED** See below for baby’s gender

In a few short hours, I will get some info on the baby growing in my wife’s belly.  The anticipation over the past 24 hours has made all else seem insignificant.  I feel like I am stuck in Dr. Seuss’s Waiting Place.

Super Bowl?  Didn’t care.

Reading a book with some hot tea?  Felt forced.

Whatever I’m doing, my thoughts drift to Baby Burn.  For the first time in my adult life (and during this pregnancy), time has slowed to a crawl.


Why We Chose a Midwife & Birthing Center

Being a healthcare practitioner, I often have people asking for my opinion or advice on a wide variety of topics ranging from “what should I eat” to “what do you think of vaccination.”  It comes with the territory, and I truly enjoy sharing my knowledge with people.

Then we decided to go through our pregnancy with a midwife and use a birthing center for delivery.

Open the floodgates.  I was now treading water in a sea of questions.


…Going to be a Dad

Nothing prepares you to hear those words, much less utter them yourself.  You know those moments that you’ve seen in the movies about time standing still?  It happens.  S**t gets real.  Real good, but real in a way you have never experienced in life before.

Baby burn is on it's way

OK Cole, pick your jaw up off the floor

Such was my 6:30 am wake up call on October 29th, 2011.  My wife was anxiously trying to get me out of bed to come see something, and like a bear coming out of hibernation I was resisting the waking world.  As I stumbled out of bed, protesting the whole way, she presented me with the above picture – in full stereoscopic 3D of the real world.

BAM!  Ton of bricks, meet Cole.