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Why Do I Need Vitamins or Supplements?

Here’s something I learned after a decade of working in the health and wellness field – trying to change a person’s mind about nutrition is hard.  Many of our nutritional beliefs are passed down from our parents, and while proper eating principles are timeless, our food supply has changed and we must adapt.  For the purposes of this post, nutrition = what one eats, what they don’t eat, and what vitamins they take (if any). 


Expressing Life to the Fullest

Today I was thinking of how many of my friends–offline and online–don’t understand chiropractic, let alone my passion for it.  I get it, as there are many mixed messages out there, including “chiropractors” who try to practice in a medical model treating back pain (we call these people medipractors).  I can see from their perspective it is hard to know what to believe.

Let me share with you what I believe.  


U.S. Maternal Health Care Crisis {infographic}

A couple weeks ago I wrote a post on why we chose to use a midwife for our firstborn.  One of the reasons I highlighted was the astronomically high maternal death rate in the U.S (it is double that of Canada and Western Europe).  Since hitting publish on that post, I came across this infographic from Amnesty International—who is spearheading this cause—and wanted to share it with you.


Overmedicated America Infographic

Infographic courtesy of the creative minds @

Highlights include: How drug companies hooked our nation, more Americans taking drugs than ever before, most drugs have no benefit and some harm.


Why We Chose a Midwife & Birthing Center

Being a healthcare practitioner, I often have people asking for my opinion or advice on a wide variety of topics ranging from “what should I eat” to “what do you think of vaccination.”  It comes with the territory, and I truly enjoy sharing my knowledge with people.

Then we decided to go through our pregnancy with a midwife and use a birthing center for delivery.

Open the floodgates.  I was now treading water in a sea of questions.


The Three White Devils of Nutrition

Nutrition can be confusing.  There are countless plans and endless research at your fingertips.  If you are wanting to make a change, where do you start?  It’s overwhelming!  Follow this one simple rule to begin eating better and feeling great this year: Avoid the Three White Devils – Sugar, White Flour, Milk (well, four if you are counting Ace Ventura)

white devils of eating

Avoid Equinsu Ocha at all costs!

Nutritional White Devil #1 – Sugar

I’ve written in depth about the consequences of sugar before (see Sugar, Cholesterol, and Plaque Explained).  Sugar can be harmful to your organs, lowers your energy, rots your teeth, and makes you gain weight when it is present in your food on a regular basis.


The Paleo Diet Flowchart

We have recently launched the Is It Paleo app for iPhone and Android – a constantly updating on-the-go database of paleo/primal friendly foods.  Go here to learn about it, or here if you want to download it from the App Store or Android Marketplace.  Thanks for your support!


Adapted from author Nicole Voelzke

Have questions about the Paleo diet?  Follow this chart to see if you are eating the right foods!  I made a chart off a picture my friend sent me of a whiteboard drawing that went viral (I later found out it was done by Nicole Voelzke).  Since posting here, Nicole has contacted me  and  shared her work in it’s entirety.  Here it is for your viewing pleasure.



Nicole works at Crossfit South Hills in Pennsylvania.  You can follow them on facebook here

Why Infants Need Chiropractic Care

It is common to get strange looks from people I talk to about taking infants to the chiropractor.  I know what is going through their heads: is it safe…babies don’t have back pain…do babies get adjusted the same way I do?  These are legitimate concerns for any parent, but to answer them I will begin with the most important question: WHY?

Let’s start with the obvious.  When was the last time you tried to squeeze through a 10cm hole?

“It’s kind of hot in these rhinos”

Being born is tough work, there are a lot of pressures and forces being exerted onto your baby during their journey into the world.  A current study demonstrated that 90% of newborns suffered birth trauma and associated strain through the neck and cranial areas following birth:


What You Need to Know About Ear Infections

Moms and Dads, this ones for you.  Ear infections are the number one reason for antibiotic prescription in infants and young children, so what do you need to be aware of?  First, the average child under 2 years of age will have 2 ear infections per year.  Risk factors that increase the likelihood of ear infection include: daycare attendance, exposure to cigarette smoke, pacifier use beyond 10 months, and formula feeding.

Since it is likely that you and your child will experience this at some point, here is the best current information to keep in mind:

  • Most cases are viral, so antibiotics will be of no help.  Medical offices do not culture the ear fluid to determine if it is viral or bacterial.
  • A British Medical Journal study found that 17 children must be treated with antibiotics to prevent just one child from experiencing some pain.
    Del Mar C.  Are antibiotics indicated as initial treatment for children with acute otitis media?  British Medical Journal 1997; 314(7093): 1526-1529. 


Sugar, Cholesterol, and Plaque Explained

Sugar -> Inflammation -> Increased Cholesterol -> Plaque

That of course is over-simplified for the sake of our discussion, but it is true.  Let’s explore why too much sugar is a bad thing.  When your blood sugar becomes elevated (by eating to much sugar/carbohydrates) your body realizes it has more fuel than you need, so your body releases the hormone insulin to store that extra fuel for use in the future.  This excess sugar is stored as saturated fat (triglycerides).  In the continued presence of high blood sugar and high insulin, your body becomes resistant to the insulin and your blood sugar remains unchecked, meaning both insulin and blood sugar are high.  You are now inflamed.