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Chiropractic described by a patient.

Chiropractic accurately described by long-term patient, Bill Esteb (owner,

Patients (and insurance carriers) see chiropractors as spine doctors. Both look through the allopathic (medical) lens of symptom treating, seeing the body as a collection of parts that breakdown independently of the others and that being symptom-free is the objective. 

Conversely, chiropractors who practice in a way congruent with the principles of chiropractic see themselves as facilitators, guides and allies. Their holistic view of the body helps them appreciate that each of us is greater than the sum of our parts. Each of us is an experiment of one and that the objective of care is to help patients adapt to their environment and express their fullest potential.” — Bill Esteb.  (more…)

One body, One life

At each moment, you are either moving towards health & wellness and away from sickness and disease, or you are moving towards sickness & disease and away from health and wellness.  If your determination is that you are moving the wrong way, then let this be a wake up call for you.   (more…)

Studies on Chiropractic and Depression


1.) Study of 2,818 patients found chiropractic care significantly improved patients’ well being: Seventy-six percent of the patients studied reported improved combined wellness changes in all categories assessed, emotional well being improved 26 percent, negative feelings toward self improved 23 percent, depression improved 20 percent, difficulty sleeping improved 11 percent and family relations improved 21 percent.   (more…)

Balance and Tension

1. If your spine stays out of balance, it can put tension on your nervous system
2. If you live in a state of chronic tension, then you throw your entire nervous system out of balance.

In the realm of true Health care (not symptom treating Sick care) we are responsible for maintaining and increasing our health to prevent our body from breaking down.   (more…)

Chiropractic in the News – “The Cutting-Edge of Wellness”

Some news that does not get the publicity it needs:

The Prime Minister of Japan stated that Chiropractic is “the cutting edge of wellness.”

“Interference to the nervous system results in permanent damage in a short period of time and therefore, Chiropractic care should begin at birth on a preventative basis.” Dr. Arpad De Nagy, Rockefeller Institute

Subluxations decrease the Genetic potential of the human species.” Ronald Pero, Ph.D. (a subluxation is interference in the nervous system)   (more…)