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Confession to My Son

Why I Didn’t Get Emotional and Cry Tears of Joy When You Were Born

First off, you are so very deeply loved and you have changed me, for the better, more than any other life event. Hands down. Ever. But I didn’t get emotional and cry when you were born, like I thought I would. I always heard people talk about an instant bond or connection with their newborn and an overwhelming sense of gratitude. It’s not that I didn’t have that, in my own way, but it was different than I had heard described by other moms. And it was different than I thought it would be.

I was surprisingly calm and I just wanted to look at you and figure out all the details of your brand new little self. I initially just thought maybe we’d just look into each others eyes and connect like old soul mates and be a little family of best friends, instantly.


Uncle Ernie

Today I have the good fortune of having a post featured at Jeremy Statton’s blog as a part of the Secretly Incredible series.  It is a poem that I wrote as a tribute to my Uncle Ernest Battershell.  He was a great, quiet man who influenced those around him by his life and actions.  I wish you could have met him.  Click through after the excerpt for the poem.


My Uncle Ernie was that rare man who spent a lifetime in hard, manual work and finished strong.  I would spend much of my summers at his house when I was young, learning to ride a horse, how to play checkers, and how to overcome challenges.

He was a self-sufficient farmer whose life taught me patience, devotion, discipline, kindness, and rest.  I do not recall talking about these things, but observing them by his actions.  I never heard him speak in anger, in fact he had few words, but those he chose to speak carried great weight and wisdom.  I wouldn’t come to understand that wisdom until years after his passing.

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Courage – Part Deux

Courage Part 2

I’ve been reading a lot about courage lately and I’ve been surprised at how many throughout history have placed it as the foundational quality (see part one here) on which to build.  People with courage live compelling stories that leave a legacy, which is what this site is all about – living your story and exploring your world.

As Christians we are called to be bold, to be courageous, to be “salt and light” in an apathetic world.

… sounds kind of crazy.  But crazy good, right?

I challenge you to boldy go.  Be adventurous.  Be crazy (and get a toast from Steve Jobs).

What does courage mean to you?  What can you do to be courageous today?  Leave your thoughts below.


Letting Go

I had an eventful weekend.

One that reminded me how little control I actually have (I don’t know about you, but I need these reminders from time to time).

It also reminded me of what is it like to fully rely on God.

To place everything in His hands and be at peace.

It’s a hard thing for me to do.


Courage, Life, and Art

Virtuous courage


Is your courage showing in your life and art?

Well… is it?

Please leave your thoughts in the comments.

11,000 Sunrises and Counting…

Time is brief

I just wrapped up three decades on this big blue ball hurtling through space.  Crazy, I know.  Actually comprehending that sentence propelled me on an introspective journey that I’m going to share with you.  Here we go.


Why Now is the Greatest Time to be Alive.

This morning I stopped to think about how incredible the world we live in truly is.  Aside from the stunning beauty of creation all around us, there are many reasons why now is the greatest time to be alive.

It is so easy to forget the greatness of now and wax nostalgic for a time that will never return (have you seen Midnight in Paris?  It got me thinking on this track).  This serves as a gentle reminder to myself–and you–to not only be grateful for the present, but to take full advantage of it.

Being alive right now is awesome, and here’s why.


Quit Pushing Reset

You know what I’m talking about.

You’ve been hard at work on a project, a hobby, or even a dream.  You’ve reached that “point of no return” moment and you feel unsure, anxious.

Stop Pushing Reset

There is a reason that Reset and Power are different buttons.

Is it good enough? 

Will people like it?

Will people hate it?

Will I be criticized? 

Is it worth it?

And in that moment you panic and hit Reset.  You decide to move on, to do something better, to start over in hopes of being perfect.


Songs for Having a Son – The Definitive Playlist

It’s no secret we are having a boy.  It has been an awesome pregnancy so far, and one of the things we wanted to do before our progeny enters the world was have a song to remember this time – just like how couples have their “song” that stirs feelings/memories/love.

While there are many pregnancy songs out there, when I narrowed it down to boy specific I found very little to go on.  Undeterred, I pressed on.  After hours of digging, I came up with a baker’s dozen songs to choose from that were meaningful and fit our musical taste.


The Waiting Place

**UPDATED** See below for baby’s gender

In a few short hours, I will get some info on the baby growing in my wife’s belly.  The anticipation over the past 24 hours has made all else seem insignificant.  I feel like I am stuck in Dr. Seuss’s Waiting Place.

Super Bowl?  Didn’t care.

Reading a book with some hot tea?  Felt forced.

Whatever I’m doing, my thoughts drift to Baby Burn.  For the first time in my adult life (and during this pregnancy), time has slowed to a crawl.