The Adventure

Live Your Story, Explore Your World

A Day in an Empty House

My wife and son are away visiting family in the Midwest.  It’s the first time we’ve been apart for more than a night since Cillian was born, and while great nights of undisturbed sleep have been cherished I find myself missing the comforts of family.  My boy’s first smile in the morning when I enter [...]

The Search

Walking through familiar crossings searching for a path I strayed from long ago. Destiny they called it, but what do they know? For they have risked nothing but words at its mystery while ensconced in their refuge. The comfort once felt is now shrouded in fear, disguised as ambiguity to the watchful as darkness envelops [...]

The Great Deception

I woke up today Surrounded by madness It’s never enough Consumerism sadness Driving the world Promising happiness Buying these things To cover the darkness Leaving a trail That’s empty and callous Hungry for more We search for wholeness Out in the world Getting lost in the process Refusing to look Inward for greatness Discovering in [...]

Becoming Dad

A child changes a man. Making him older and younger all at once. It reminds him of his heritage and legacy while rediscovering play and his inner child. It’a a unique time, to grow in both directions. A time to be savored, cherished, loved. Embraced. A child shifts a man’s perspective From changing the world [...]

Taking Your Hand

I remember our first night like it was yesterday. In that moment I saw you for the first time, Beautiful. Free. Magnetic, I was drawn to you, more than I knew. Taking your hand, our journey began Making the world feel brand new. I remember our first day as husband and wife. I saw you [...]

Midwestern Sky

starlit sky covering all that is gray shrouding this blandness with your deception creating the mysterious out of the ordinary offering hope that more is hiding out there …just out of sight and out of reach this elusive fantasy remains real until it is seen and is then lost forever it’s mythology cut apart with [...]

Time & Life in Tension

Time marches on without feeling or pause Steadily bringing about a changing of the guard. Greens turn brown, and trees become naked All is cold and barren but not forgotten. For Life marches on, just under the surface Without care or worry of what happens above. Waiting and growing, for it’s time is near To [...]

One of These Days

This was written by my wife Casey for our little Cillian.  I thought it was poignant, and wanted to share it with you. ~Cole One of these days, probably sooner rather than later, I’m not going to be able to nurse you to sleep anymore. And you’re going to stop falling asleep on my shoulder, [...]

Little Man

I can see you changing, little man. Each day you are full of new wonders and discoveries. A smile, A laugh, A look of recognition. These milestones both break and warm my heart As I realize there are so many moments now past. They are recorded in a baby blue book full of your pictures [...]

A Night for Miracles

Something wants to leap out of my heart, yet I am not knowing what it is. It is pure, powerful, and has always been present especially on this night at this time staring up at this sky. I am left feeling small, feeling overwhelmed feeling moved, feeling significantly insignificant in this great world that is [...]