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poetry from a father to his son




Sunset in Eternity

Casey Cole Valentine

I Love You Casey

For my Casey on Valentine’s Day

A portrait of a sunset
seen in the iris of your eyes
gentle, breathtaking, calming my spirit
with amber hues speaking directly
into my consciousness
subduing wild instincts
with compassion and stopping time
with a mischievous blink,
for the sun will not set
as long as we are visitors in Eternity, its canvas
preserved in your gaze
allowing my presence
as long as I marvel at the beauty within
and forget the world around me,
illustrating my meaning
as your paintings interpret me



for a land far and distant.
I’ve glimpsed it in lucid detail
before my eyes met the morning.

I’ve felt it in every chamber
of my restless heart that’s searching
for meaning,
for dreaming,
for respite from this bated breathing.
For dancing,
for singing,
for nothing short of life fulfilling.

This vision left burning bright
keeps me searching every night.
Until I wake from this place keeping
Me trapped in this state of being.

Copyright © 2012 Cole Bradburn