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Response to News & Observer Article – Is North Carolina Slipping?

A News and Observer article today has some experts weighing in on what is wrong with our state. You can read that article here. After reading it, I felt a little unsettled by what was deemed “the solution” to all our woes – education.



How do we determine which way to go in our lives?  There is an innate understanding of a ‘master plan,’ but too often we feel unplugged, unaware of our place in it. Without discovery or pursuit of our role, our “destiny,” we tend to inflate ourselves up to feel bigger than we are – to try to feel important and meaningful in some way.  It is trying to fill a void by becoming narcissistic.

Plan and Perspective

I think that in discovering our place in God’s plan, we become humbled by how small we really are.  Thankfully, that liberates us from lying to ourselves through self-aggrandizing, and changes our perspective away from our conception of time [to eternity].


Purpose, Vision, and Mission of Our Office

To be happy, healthy, and vibrant. To be an example to others who ALL deserve the same.

To engage, educate, and encourage all people in our community about living subluxation free through a chiropractic wellness lifestyle.  To help them have the body and health they deserve.

To have our community be the healthiest and happiest in America, by using chiropractic wellness care beginning at birth.  Encouraging and practicing self-responsibility to stay active, properly nourished, and drug free.

In Health,