The Adventure

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Little Man

I can see you changing, little man. Each day you are full of new wonders and discoveries. A smile, A laugh, A look of recognition. These milestones both break and warm my heart As I realize there are so many moments now past. They are recorded in a baby blue book full of your pictures [...]

A Night for Miracles

Something wants to leap out of my heart, yet I am not knowing what it is. It is pure, powerful, and has always been present especially on this night at this time staring up at this sky. I am left feeling small, feeling overwhelmed feeling moved, feeling significantly insignificant in this great world that is [...]

Waiting for You

I feel the rhythmic beat of my heart counting the seconds until your arrival. I can see you in there, kicking, stretching, pushing against the boundaries of your world… Soon, little man, there will be a great big world for you to discover. It needs you to push against your boundaries too. It’s beautiful, scary, and amazing [...]


I wrote this last night while watching my beautiful pregnant wife sleeping.


  Copyright © 2012 Cole Bradburn #Photo Credit

Sunset in Eternity

For my Casey on Valentine’s Day A portrait of a sunset seen in the iris of your eyes gentle, breathtaking, calming my spirit with amber hues speaking directly into my consciousness subduing wild instincts with compassion and stopping time with a mischievous blink, for the sun will not set as long as we are visitors [...]