The Adventure

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Little Man

I can see you changing, little man. Each day you are full of new wonders and discoveries. A smile, A laugh, A look of recognition. These milestones both break and warm my heart As I realize there are so many moments now past. They are recorded in a baby blue book full of your pictures [...]

The City is Contagious

Note: Mixing it up today with a poetry post. It’s darker in tone, but speaks to things like vision and responsibility, and what happens when they are absent.  I welcome your feedback and hope you enjoy! The City is Contagious Empty streets, crowded alleys not a soul to be seen unless you know where to look. [...]


  Copyright © 2012 Cole Bradburn #Photo Credit

Sunset in Eternity

For my Casey on Valentine’s Day A portrait of a sunset seen in the iris of your eyes gentle, breathtaking, calming my spirit with amber hues speaking directly into my consciousness subduing wild instincts with compassion and stopping time with a mischievous blink, for the sun will not set as long as we are visitors [...]


Searching for a land far and distant. I’ve glimpsed it in lucid detail before my eyes met the morning. I’ve felt it in every chamber of my restless heart that’s searching for meaning, for dreaming, for respite from this bated breathing. For dancing, for singing, for nothing short of life fulfilling. This vision left burning [...]