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Chiropractic in the News – “The Cutting-Edge of Wellness”

Some news that does not get the publicity it needs:

The Prime Minister of Japan stated that Chiropractic is “the cutting edge of wellness.”

“Interference to the nervous system results in permanent damage in a short period of time and therefore, Chiropractic care should begin at birth on a preventative basis.” Dr. Arpad De Nagy, Rockefeller Institute

Subluxations decrease the Genetic potential of the human species.” Ronald Pero, Ph.D. (a subluxation is interference in the nervous system)  

Latent Spinal Cord and Brain Stem Injury in New Born Infants
Dr. Towbin, MD, Harvard Medical points out that seven of the eight of the SIDS infant cadavers he performed autopsy on, died from spinal injury with neurovascular damage. Dr. Towbin describes various clinical neonatal spinal cord and brain stem injury groups. In the first group, death of the neonate occurs during the course of labor or soon after birth. The second group, is composed of newborns with cord or brainstem damage who survive for days. The third group are infants who survive for long periods, often for years. Under this group, Dr. Towbin describes a subgroup, or the fourth group. “…there must exist a large number of instances with mild injury, with minimal neurologic symptoms, going unnoticed clinically, or being relegated to the category of cerebral palsy.”
Can the Vertebral Subluxation Complex be caused at birth ? Yes. Can the Vertebral Subluxation Complex cause an early death in some of these cases? Yes. Abraham Towbin, MD. Neuropathologist, Harvard Medical School.

Why isn’t this on the front page of every paper? Why do we waste billions on drugs and surgery?

Lets do a logic exercise…
1. We know that the body is self-healing and self-regulating (you heart beats, you digest, cuts on your skin heal without you thinking about it)

We know that the Nervous System controls every organ and cell in your body (it coordinates over 2 million functions inside you every minute!)

THEREFORE if you interfere with the Nervous System, you necessarily interfere with the body’s ability to heal and regulate, regardless if you have pain or not.

2. We know the far-reaching negative effects of stress on the body, and how most diseases are stress and lifestyle related. We also know that there is physical, psychological, and biochemical stressors that contribute.

Your body can handle a set amount of “normal stress,” anything over that puts your body in defensive mode (called fight or flight) that stores stress in your muscles -> joints -> nerves.

–medicate it so you don’t feel it, but it still kills you (in the form of heart disease, diabetes, etc)
–Go see your Chiropractor so you can release deeply held stress, and allow your body to heal from the inside out

A question for you to think on:
If you or your children are taking pharmaceutical drugs, ask yourself “What would happen if I gave these drugs to a healthy person?”
If you need a hint, what would happen if you put a healthy fish in a polluted pond?

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