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New Directions

We all get to a point where we keep doing what we are doing, largely because it is what we have been doing (insanity!).  It’s habit, it’s ritual, it’s even escapism because it feels easy and safe.  Then comes your moment of reckoning — is this what you envisioned?  Are you truly creating art, or just adding to the noise on the internet?  Are you using your gifts and uniqueness, or suppressing them to conform to a perceived standard?

Live YOUR life

Once you have asked these questions, there is no going back.  You can try, but it will remain in the back of your mind creating discontent until you reach the point where you give in to what is scary, but right.  Here’s what I’ve been wrestling with recently:

I’ve written about 50 posts on here, and I realized that it has largely been an exercise in futility.  Why?

I was writing about what I thought people wanted to hear, or needed to hear.  I would share information, but not stories.  I would share my knowledge, but not myself.  This led to increasing amounts of creative frustration that finally boiled over into my consciousness.  I simply couldn’t take it anymore, and change became inevitable.

More than meets the eye

Where do I go from here? / What happens next?

The tone of this blog is going to change.  I will be writing more creatively about life, love, adventure, and achieving your potential.  I’m going to be more transparent and authentic, sharing my challenges with you so we can grow together.  You will still see health posts on here (it will now be it’s own category), but they will be a part of a larger vision of purposeful living and growth mixed with cultural mediums such as movies/music/books/games/art.  As I hit “publish” on this post, I am wholly committing to this new direction, and would love for you to join me.  Let’s blow out our comfort zones together.


What new directions have you taken recently?  How did it change your life?

What advice would you give someone just taking their first steps?


Live Abundantly,


About Cole Bradburn

I'm a writer and doctor in lifelong pursuit of health, happiness, and adventure. I currently live in Raleigh, NC with the love of my life and our amazing boys.

  • Anonymous

    Excited for you Cole! My advice to someone stepping out in a new direction would be to settle in for the long haul and take the long view. Resist to give up when life and circumstances present resistance. Keep moving!

    • Thanks for the encouraging words, I’m dedicated to moving forward and growing with this. Keep me accountable to the long view if you see I need it. Appreciate you.

  • I like the new direction already. I can tell you’re passionate about this and look forward to seeing and reading all the different avenues you can travel down on this path.

  • Love it Cole! I’l always so impressed and inspired by you!!!!! phat hug!

    • Thanks Stacey, I appreciate you taking time to read and comment! Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful, will be in touch soon.

  • Anonymous

    Cole, I can not say I know you entirely to well, but from what little I know about you I believe your an intelligent person grounded in the lord! I pray you are able to grow both spiritually and mentally from this new change!

    I know recently I’ve been reflecting on things that I could change and one thing that I feel I’ve been challenged to do above all is invest more time into myself! I’ve spent the last six years, give or take, taking care of my family financially and emotionally. During that time I feel I lost the sense of being able to care for myself. Its good to be able to rely on others and be able to provide for others, but when it comes down to it if you can not be responsible for your own actions and needs, then your not on solid ground to do so for others. So I’ve been spending more time self-reflecting during prayer instead of actually talking and being done with it. I feel its a passion I have to help others, however I believe God is challenging me first to define myself in and through him before I go out and help others to define themselves through the lord.

    • Norman, great words of wisdom. Taking care of yourself allows you to better care for others. The healthier you are (mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually), the greater capacity you can serve others or work towards your purpose. It is ironic that we often put ourselves last, not knowing the impact it actually has on our family!

      Continue pursuing reflection and quiet time during prayer, I find that when I feel stressed or in a hurry, that is one of the things I can struggle with if I’m not being intentional about it. Listening has always brought me more than telling.

  • Sky Green

    I just found your site on the internet.. when i asked google about plaque.. What a find! Thanks. I read most everything, but today i really needed this one- Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

    I related especially to the words you wrote about discerning between using my gifts, as opposed to using all those energies to achieve a perceived standard- a goal that I am working hard to accomplish within music studies. I am struggling with understanding both of these directions right now and where they fit into my present-future.. ha ha if that makes sence!

    So.. just saying… you are helping me think more decisively. And just today i have really been needing this advice.

    Blessings to you and yours,

    Sky Green

    • Sky,

      I’m glad that this made it to you at a time you needed it, funny how that seems to happen! Thanks for taking the time to share, I understand the tension you are talking about, keep working on the vision for your life and things will continue to become clearer.