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Dreams, Life, and Change

How have your dreams changed?

I’ve been doing some of these handwritten images on facebook and twitter.  This one had a particularly great response, so I wanted to share it here and see the discussion it sparks.  Please share how your dreams have changed or been let go of and why.

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  • Most people probably have dreams they’ve given up on. I’m the opposite. I’ve had dreams come true (you, mini-you on the way, etc.).

    • We are living the dream, Love.  When I think about dreams I had prior to us, they are so small compared to what we have.  I still can’t believe there is a mini-us coming…

  • I use to dream about being a professional actor and singer. I laid down that dream because I felt God was calling me to preach the gospel and lead people toward Him. 

    • And now you get to live everyday with your profession and purpose being the same thing.  That is amazing, and God used your communication gift in a wonderful way that changes peoples lives instead of entertains them.  Thanks for sharing.

  • Christina

    I don’t think people give up on their dreams as much as they evolve and mature as we age. I thought my life was going to be that of a big city girl, working all the time, no kids and on and on, but I was lead down some paths that I never even knew existed, never even knew about to dream about and they are much better than I could have dreamt of at any time. Never in my life would I have said, hey I’m going to go live in Montana and work for the Montana Legislature, but I am so happy out here that it is better than anything I dreamt of growing up. Not to mention the minivan I dream of driving…they have all those toys and hidden compartments! 🙂 Life is turning out better than I ever imagined!

    • Christina, that is what I was trying to figure out.  Do people let go of dreams to embrace new, better dreams that they weren’t even aware, or do people get “stuck” in their life and let go of them in order to be comfortable?  
      I am like you, the dreams I had completely changed when I met my wife, and now I’m living my dream with her.  We have a little boy on the way, and I’m sure my dreams will evolve again, becoming more refined.
      I thank God that I didn’t get everything I thought I wanted, because this life has been better than my best dream.

  • Very nice man. It might be a challenge to rediscover those lost dreams but it’s essential to do. Great post!