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Harmony Over Balance

Harmony instead of Balance

Over the last week, my friend Joe and I have been discussing balance.  I was asking him if he found balance, particularly when applied to writing.  I’ve always liked to entertain the idea of balance – it sounds awesome – but it seems like an outdated concept when applied to real life.

This morning Joe sent me an email.  It was one of Keith Jennings’ Root Notes (you can subscribe here, I just did).  It talked about harmony instead of balance.

About how balance is standing still (aka stasis).  But harmony is a collection of notes co-existing in tension with a root note.  The root note is the foundation for which all the other notes align.

Co-existing in tension.  That makes sense to me.

Keith’s continues by talking about how life has a root note.  The great thing is you get to choose what that root note is.  Begin building everything around that note.  If something is out of harmony, throw it away.  He sums it up like this:

I don’t believe in living a balanced life. Balance is about stasis. But our lives are dynamic. And full of tensions.  I prefer a life of harmony over one of balance.


At the close, Keith asks if you have identified the root notes in your creative work.  If you’re a writer, your root note is stories.  Create around this.  Don’t get distracted by yourself or your audience.  Harmonize your life, live in the tension, and have beautiful song/story.

Inspiration for this post:
Joe Bunting – The Write Practice
Keith Jennings – Root Notes

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  • Hi Cole!

    It’s awesome to see you take this idea and run with it! Thank you so much for the shout out. I look forward to continuing the dialogue.

    • No problem Keith, thanks for stopping by and the inspiration this morning.  Also, I’m a chiropractor, and interested in your tweet this morning about your organisations research and your upcoming eBook.  I’ve wondered what would happen to the solo practitioner as we move forward.

  • What a beautiful image. As a musician, I love the imagery. Don’t know if I’ve found the root note in my creative work yet. Gives me something to think about.

    • The discovery of the note is the hardest part I think, but once found it puts all else in perspective.

      Thanks for stopping by Jamie!

  • What a great illustration and point. I really like,  “If something is out of harmony, throw it away.”  Such an important factor to living a balanced life.