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As I Lay Waiting


One more night slipping into

the small hours of the morning

where dreams and truth can merge

and reality is rarely obvious.

Here the stillness is serene, yet disconcerting.

It amplifies the emptiness

present in your absence.  I wait

with mounting anticipation of your return,

knowing I cannot surrender to the shadows

and fall into their dreamscapes.

Without a companion

I lay waiting, catatonic,

longing for my guide.


About Cole Bradburn

I'm a writer and doctor in lifelong pursuit of health, happiness, and adventure. I currently live in Raleigh, NC with the love of my life and our amazing boys.

  • Powerful post!

  • Did you get inspiration for the title from the poem As I Lay Dying?
    I really like this one. The picture is great too.

    • I did not even think about that… may have subconsciously? Thank you, I really liked the picture too.

  • Great wordplay and emotional connection. I like the images you’ve created as well. My wife works nights, so I easily relate to the speaker.